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I am so happy you are here!

In this life, you will spend the majority of your time and resources trying to "save face" and "keep up with the Jones'." You will meet so many people, a lot of people you may not even remember. You will be affected by so many people and YOU WILL AFFECT so many people. You will give and you will take. You will laugh, cry, scream and everything in between. You will live life. Or will you? Are you living life or are you just existing? There is  a difference - a HUGE difference. When you are young, you live life unaware of restraining emotions and then as you grow up and become more aware - that is when fear, doubt and insecurities begin to creep in. You are not alone. By and large, this is the human process.​ Many of the decisions, especially the less favorable decisions that you have made, were made out of fear. Did you enter a situation or a relationship due to fear? Did you stay in a situation or a relationship longer than you should have because of fear? Did you hold your feelings in or suppress your emotions because of fear? Do you find yourself now stuck because of fear? Fear is an unpleasant emotion and although it does serve to protect us and it does in certain situations; fear has become more of a driving emotion, one that dictates the next move of many.​How do you break away from fear and its controlling affect on you? Here's what I have learned...When the weight of unhappiness and unfulfillment becomes heavier to bear than the fear of the unknown - you will likely be ready to live your truth, whatever that may be and wherever that may lead you. When that time comes, I will be here to guide you on your new journey. You are brave and now you are FEARLESS!

Balancing Rocks

My Approach

In a Sacred Space created for you, I will actively listen to you. There will be no judgements. We will identify the areas in your life that you want elevated. Together we create S.M.A.R.T goals to help you achieve success. I will provide tools and support that guide and assist you on this journey. I will hold you accountable. 

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